Massage & Relaxation


This massage is a unique blend of stress relief and work on muscle tension. Calming the nervous system, enhancing muscle function and centering the mind while reducing stress. Light, Medium, or Firm pressure – not deep work. If you are pregnant, please select our maternity massage option.

  • 45 MIN, $55
  • 60 MIN, $75
  • 75 MIN, $90
  • 90 MIN, $110
  • Maternity, $85 1 hour
  • Maternity, $65, 45 min

Deep Tissue

Using our signature StoryTeller® massage products (oil, cream, and/or gel), this works at a deep level to relieve chronic pain and tension.

  • 30 MIN, $50
  • 45 MIN, $75
  • 60 MIN, $95
  • 90 MIN, $140

Hot Stone

During this incredible service, your body is massaged with warmed stones that have been charged with water and crystals to promote deep muscle relaxation. The direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, improves circulation and blood flow within the body, reduces pain and discomfort, alleviates stress, enhances mental clarity, and regulates symptoms associated with painful conditions such as arthritis. [Available with our hot stone specialists]

  • 75 MIN, $120
  • 105 MIN, $165

Headache Relief

Focus is on reducing headaches stemming from tension in the neck & upper shoulders. Perfect to relax and reduce stress.

  • 15 MIN, $20
  • 30 MIN, $40

Pink Spirit
Spa Day

A blissful two hours that includes a relaxing aromatherapy body massage, a luxurious scalp ritual using a heated blend of Cranberry, Jasmine, & Avocado Oils, and a hand & foot treatment made from invigorating essential oils, Pink Himalayan Salt and aloe to exfoliate your skin, leaving hands & feet glowing and soft.

  • 2 hours, $195


Create a more luxurious massage or facial treatment by adding in a hand and/or foot scrub. Pink Himalayan salt is mixed into an aloe base with a blend of essential oils that smell divine. Incorporated into your massage, the salt exfoliates your hands/feet while the aloe and essential oils leave your glowing and soft.

  • Foot Scrub, $15
  • Hand Scrub, $15

Executive Stretch
Hybrid Massage

This effective hybrid massage is perfect for corporate professional that is short on time but stress at the desk and/or all day travel is wreaking havoc on the body. This specific body work combines deep tissue techniques on your back to reduce muscle tension, stretching of the quads and hips to alleviate pressure from sitting all day, neck work to reduce stress & strain, and an opening stretch for your chest & arms.

  • 30 MIN, $50

Couples Massage

Our beautiful massage rooms open to create a relaxing couples massage suite. It may be necessary to call to schedule this type of appointment as online booking sometimes makes it look like there is limited availability for couples massage. 413-650-2207. Additional fee applies for deep tissue upgrade, add-ins, or maternity needs.

  • 45 MIN, $115
  • 60 MIN, $150
  • 75 MIN, $180
  • 90 MIN, $220

Massage with
Hot Stone Add-In

This hybrid service combines massage with a small selection of hot stones used in specific areas to decrease your stress and help alleviate pain associated with delayed-onset muscle soreness (usually from working out).

  • 60 MIN, $99