Massage & Relaxation


This massage is a unique blend of stress relief and work on muscle tension. Calming the nervous system, enhancing muscle function and centering the mind while reducing stress. Light, Medium, or Firm pressure – not deep work. If you are pregnant, please select our maternity massage option.

  • 45 MIN, $55
  • 60 MIN, $75
  • 75 MIN, $90
  • 90 MIN, $110
  • 120 MIN, $145
  • Pink Spirit Spa Day Package, $195

Deep Tissue

Using our signature StoryTeller® massage products (oil, cream, and/or gel), this works at a deep level to relieve chronic pain and tension.

  • 30 MIN, $50
  • 45 MIN, $75
  • 60 MIN, $95
  • 90 MIN, $140

Hot Stone

During this incredible service, your body is massaged with warmed stones that have been charged with water and crystals to promote deep muscle relaxation. The direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, improves circulation and blood flow within the body, reduces pain and discomfort, alleviates stress, enhances mental clarity, and regulates symptoms associated with painful conditions such as arthritis. [Available with Amy, Megan, Anne, and Lisa]

  • 75 MIN, $120
  • 105 MIN, $165

Headache Relief

Focus is on reducing headaches stemming from tension in the neck & upper shoulders. Perfect to relax and reduce stress.

  • 15 MIN, $20
  • 30 MIN, $40


This ancient Japanese stress-relieving technique helps activate the natural healing processes within your body to restore physical and emotional well-being. (Only with Megan on Monday & Tuesday)

  • 60 MIN, $70


Create a more luxurious massage or facial treatment by adding in a hand and/or foot scrub. Pink Himalayan salt is mixed into an aloe base with a blend of essential oils that smell divine. Incorporated into your massage, the salt exfoliates your hands/feet while the aloe and essential oils leave your glowing and soft.

  • Foot Scrub, $15
  • Hand Scrub, $15

Cold Stone
Migraine Therapy Massage

This therapy combines the use of aromatherapy, cold stones, and massage to dramatically reducing headache pain. [Available with Amy]

  • 30 MIN, $50

Harmony Relaxation

This relaxing body service is soothing to the stressed out soul. Body, hands, feet, and scalp are all lightly effleuraged, restoring harmony to your life. This is a gentle session with no pressure or working on “knots” – just soothing quiet time to relax. If you are pregnant, please select our maternity massage option.

  • 45 MIN, $50
  • 60 MIN, $65
  • 75 MIN, $80

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This very light treatment is radically different than a normal massage due to it’s purpose: It encourages lymph flow in the body and is particularly good for sinus troubles, edema, and pre- & post-surgery. This treatment helps drain puffy, swollen tissues, supports the body’s immune system, helps the body heal from surgery, and aids in the body’s natural waste removal. [Available with our certified MLD specialists]

  • 60 MIN, $85


Our beautiful massage rooms open to create a relaxing couples massage suite. It may be necessary to call to schedule this type of appointment as online booking sometimes makes it look like there is limited availability for couples massage. 413-650-2207.

  • 45 MIN, $115
  • 60 MIN, $150
  • 90 MIN, $220


Relaxing massage for the mom to be. *after 15 weeks

  • 45 Min, $65
  • 60 MIN, $85


This massage is great to target specific troubled muscle groups for people who train hard, play sports, or workout intensely. It may include a variety of massage techniques and StoryTeller® products to obtain results. A sports massage enhances endurance, lessens the chance of injury and improves recovery time. More of a “working massage” not necessarily relaxing.

  • 30 MIN, $50
  • 60 MIN, $95
  • 90 MIN, $140